Teeth Whitening  Professional Treatment Yields Better Results

Smiling man and womanTeeth whitening is one of the most popular ways to makeover a smile. The majority of our patients would readily agree that a bright white smile is one of the most important attributes of a beautiful smile. There are a variety of ways to improve and brighten your smile using teeth whitening. Need help deciding which teeth whitening treatment is best for you? Osga Dental can help!

Why Teeth Whitening?

Over time, your teeth may begin to appear discolored. The causes of stains or dulled teeth can include:

  • Food and drink - Dark colored or intensely pigmented things like red wine, berries, and coffee, can leave stains behind that can attach to the enamel on your tooth.
  • Tobacco Use - Nicotine and Tar, both chemicals found in tobacco, stain the surface of your teeth’s enamel.
  • Age - The layer beneath the white enamel on your teeth is a softer yellowish substance called dentin. As time goes by, our enamel layer thins and more of the dentin is visible.
  • Unexpected life events - Trauma and certain medications can also cause your teeth to appear discolored. An injured tooth reacts to trauma by laying down more dentin, the yellowish material your inner tooth is made of. A side effect of certain medications is discoloration.

It is essential to understand the underlying cause for any discoloration in your teeth as it will help in determining the best treatment to achieve a whiter, brighter, healthier looking smile. 

Professional Teeth Whitening in Brazoria

The most significant benefit to professional teeth whitening is customized results. Over the counter products are one size fits all with little ability to provide tailored results. When you schedule a smile improving teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Osga, you can discuss specific goals and make a plan to achieve them!

Professional teeth whitening programs are also safer for your teeth. A bright, beautiful smile should be a reflection of healthy teeth. At Osga Dental, we don’t want you to have a smile that just looks healthy; we want you to have a genuinely healthy smile!  A customized teeth whitening treatment under the supervision of Dr. Osga can ensure healthier results you can be confident of!

Customized Smiles, Custom Fit!

Osga Dental offers professional whitening using custom-made trays and professional strength whitening gel. Over the counter, trays are designed as one size fits all and can be uncomfortable. On some occasions, ill-fitting over the counter trays can result in whitening products causing discoloration in gums and increased sensitivity. Custom-fit trays are more comfortable and ensure proper placement of whitening gel.

Choosing to whiten your smile under the supervision of a dentist also allows for more control over your results. Dr. Osga can also help you lay out a plan to maintain your refreshed brighter smile. Properly caring for your newly whitened teeth will help you enjoy the results of professional teeth whitening longer and strengthen and improve the health of your teeth.

Call our office in Brazoria, Tx to learn more about how you can makeover your smile with professional teeth whitening.

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