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Dental Bridges

One, two, or three missing teeth can make you feel self-conscious, impact your dental function, and lead to shifting teeth and misalignment.

At Osga Dental ​in Brazoria, TX, we can create a precisely customized dental bridge to protect your smile and restore your confidence.

Find out how a dental bridge from Dr. Adam Osga can improve your quality of life...

dental bridge

3 Ways a Bridge Can Help You & Your Smile

Close Large Gaps

Dental bridges are designed to replace one to three adjacent missing teeth. By filling in gaps, a bridge can also prevent your remaining natural teeth from shifting.

Improve Your Bite

Missing teeth can make it difficult to enunciate certain words or chew your favorite foods. A bridge can restore strength to your bite, so you can enjoy your smile to the fullest.

Boost Your Confidence

Bridges are made from state-of-the-art porcelain, so they look like natural teeth. Our dentistry uses the latest materials and high-end technology to ensure stunning, long-lasting results.

Our Patients Love Us!

"Dr. Osga is outstanding! Having seen his work I know that Brazoria is very fortunate to have him. A dentist with a personality and the ability to put you at ease. His obsession to detail and high standards put him in the top 10% of dentists in my opinion." Robert Z.
dental bridge

Modern Dental Bridges  Look and Feel Incredibly Natural

Dr. Osga works carefully to provide completely natural-looking dental bridges with custom design, advanced materials, and expert fabrication methods. Prior to placing your bridge, he will conduct a bite assessment to ensure that your new prosthetic fits comfortably in your smile. A range of materials can be used to craft bridges, such as zirconia, a durable and highly lifelike ceramic, and Dr. Osga can help you choose the best dental services at our Brazoria office for your needs based on your budget and goals. With proper care, bridges can last 15 years or more

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After reshaping the surrounding teeth to make room for your dental bridge, Dr. Osga will cement the restoration in place.

Placing a Traditional Dental Bridge

Prepare the Adjacent Teeth

The teeth on either side of the gap will be conservatively reshaped to accommodate the crowns that will anchor your dental bridge.

Take Impressions

Next, your dentist will take an impression of the prepped teeth and treatment site. This will be used to create your permanent restoration. You will be provided with a temporary in the meantime.

Place Permanent Restoration

Your permanent bridge will be ready in about two weeks. Your dentist will attach the restoration to the adjacent teeth using a specialized dental cement.

Placing an Implant-Supported Bridge

Undergo Implant Surgery

Dr. Osga will perform dental implant surgery at our Brazoria practice to place the titanium posts necessary to support your new bridge. A temporary may be placed at this time. 

Heal during the Recovery Period

It will take about four to six months for your jawbone to fuse with the implant posts. Once the implants are fully healed, Dr. Osga will place your abutments and take impressions of your smile. 

Receive Your New Bridge

When your permanent bridge is ready, Dr. Osga will secure it to your dental implants, ensuring a stable and natural-looking smile.

Understanding Your Options

A dental bridge is a custom tooth replacement solution that can be tailored to your budget and long-term goals. Although traditional bridges are more affordable, Dr. Osga recommends dental implants whenever possible. An implant-supported bridge can be used to replace two or three adjacent missing teeth. If you are missing several teeth, you may qualify for implant-supported dentures. Regardless of which option you choose, in order to prevent further damage to your smile, you should receive treatment as soon as possible

Providing Our Patients Outstanding Dental Care

"I found that Osga Dental is more than just a dental office. Seems like every single tooth gets top notch care! Excellent!" Patricia P.
Dr. Adam Osga

Osga Dental

Dr. Adam Osga and his team strive to provide leading dental care. He incorporates advanced technology, participates in ongoing education, and is a member of:

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